Rider Testimonials

Georgia Gould   When I'm training and racing, comfort is my first priority. I'm careful about the products I use, and Beljum Budder doesn't have any of the harmful chemicals I try to avoid. Beljum Budder keeps me comfortable during all my rides. Thanks!

Georgia Gould 

2012 US Mountain Bike Olympic Bronze Medalist

2006 US National Mountain Bike Champion

Christine Vardaros   I have been using Beljum Budder for the past three weeks and noticed incredible results! Not only have my lingering saddle sores disappeared but I have had none since! AND my "sit bone" skin has returned to its pre-cycling condition, soft and smooth as a baby's bottom.


Christine Vardaros Pro Cyclist for Lotto-Belisol (Belgian UCI Trade Team)

Christine Vardaros   This Stuff Rocks!

Andrew Otto Ultra Cyclist 6th Place RAAM 2004 Mens Solo

Andres Caicedo   I'm an ultra racer, I race across the country in RAAM in 2005, Iron Man, a lot of saddle sore issues and discomfort. I discovered Belgium Budder at the infinion 6 hour circuit race. At the 2006 Furnace Creek 508, my teammate and I won and set the 30+ 2 person men's record. No B.S. this was the first time in my racing history that I did not have saddle sore issues or any discomfort. Obviously I've continued use and my statement still holds true. My saddle sores are gone, discomfort is gone. It is better for you, its application is more hygienic, its cheaper per volume and it performs better… Take the Pepsi challenge with Belgium budder and any other product, you will see, you'll be glad you did. You can thank me out on the road ;)

Andres Caicedo Ultra Cyclist

Ted Brooks   I tried Beljum Budder a few months back on a Marin mountain bike ride. On a ride which would normally have had me "doctoring" myself that evening after my shower, I was pain-free! I have since given it the test, including fixed gear rides (almost 100% in the saddle), long rides in excess of 3 hours, and in races. The stuff works. A tube seems to last forever. I'm a believer, and I can't imaging riding now without using Beljum Budder. It's the classic, You can pay me now, or you can pay me later, and it's a lot less painful to start your ride with the Budder. Thanks Beljum Budder!

Ted Brooks 2006 NorCal/Nevada Criterium Champion President, Synergy Racing

  "During a Rugby 7's tournament, I can sometimes play up to 5 games a day. As the day wears on, chaffing becomes a major issue. I have introduced Beljum Budder to my team and it can now be found in every players kit bag. Beljum Budder is a safe product that allows the athlete to focus on the game and not the pain."

Austin Britts
Chicago Lions
2007 National 7's Champions (MVP)

  I wanted to let you know about my experiences with the Beljum Budder this weekend at Ironman Couer d'Alene.

The product worked wonderfully in the water. I used it on my shins, calves, elbows, and shoulders for a very speedy swim to bike transition. The wetsuit flew off as I had hoped instead of struggling out of it. I successfully used it on the typical chafing zones around the neck, hairline, underarms, and chest.

This is where the Beljum Budder truly shines. I used the creme on my feet, heart rate strap, and chamois area for the bike portion of the Ironman. I reapplied after 3 1/2 hours on the bike to the chamois area. Still no chafing issues.

Usually, I get some serious chafing issues before, during and after the marathon portion of the Ironman. Again, the Beljum Budder was awesome. I reapplied the creme in the bike to run transition to my feet and rear end.

I can not say how happy I was to not scream during my post event shower and not have to walk funny for days after an event like this.

Thank You

Rob Mardell
La Dolce Velo
USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach