Frequently Assed Questions

Here is a collections of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't find what you need, please feel free to contact us directly.

What is a Paraben? …and why doesn't it belong in my cycling shorts:

Parabens are a type of preservative used in both food and cosmetic products including soaps, shampoos, lotions and yes, sports lubricants.

Recent Studies describing measurement of parabens in breast cancer tissue has set off alarm bells in the popular media. Since causal relationships are generally impossible to prove in science, and since all results have some uncertainty, we will provide the facts so YOU can decide for yourself if parabens belong in your cycling shorts.

. Estrogens have been demonstrated to drive breast cancer tumor growth. Literally hundreds of toxicology papers have demonstrated this effect, and the scientific and medical community accepts this as fact.

2). Parabens mimic estrogen. These compounds bind to estrogen receptors and elicit cellular signalling as does estrogen, except parabens are metabolized differently and can reside in tissue for extended periods. The longer the ester hydrocarbon chain, the more estrogenic it is.

3). Parabens are known endocrine disruptors. The endocrine system regulates many of the vital functions of the body and includes the adrenal, thyroid and pituitary glands as well as the pancreas, ovaries and testes.

4). Parabens are approved for use in skin and cosmetic formulas up to 0.8%. This means that in your typical mass produced product, there may be 3.8 grams of this compound. Obviously we aren't exposed to all of it at once, but in cycling, we are exposing very sensitive areas of our bodies for sometimes 5,6,7 hours at a time or more, while our movements on the saddle continually rub them in to our skin. Add this to the frequency of daily training, weekend racing, etc. and you find your exposure is very concentrated.

90% of cancers are environmental in origin. Although our genetics can make us more susceptible, choices we make do influence the chances of getting the disease. It is therefore crucial to minimize risk which demands understanding suspicious factors and limiting our exposure to them. Eating healthy foods, not smoking and using sunscreen all reduce your cancer risk. Limiting xenoestrogen exposure through skin formulas is yet another easy way to reduce your cancer risk.

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How do I use Beljum Budder?

Here's a quick rundown of what to do: Obviously, the best thing to do is prevent chafing and saddle sores before they occur. Once you've got them, It's a lot tougher to deal with.

  1. Before your ride, apply Beljum Budder liberally to your chamois. Work it into the seams and other potential areas of friction. (When you put your shorts on, It's a little like putting on a wet swimming suit, but you won't even notice it in a couple of seconds.)

  2. Apply Beljum Budder directly to your skin.

  3. Reapply as needed. A lot of factors come into play here. i.e.: the weather, perspiration levels, distance covered, body shape, type of shorts,etc. (even altitude changes the dimensions and shape of the body) So be sure to reapply if you feel a little tenderness brewing.

  4. After riding, change out of your riding clothes immediately and shower (or sponge bath) with soap as soon as possible! This last step is very important.

If you are fortunate to be on a on a long distance, multi-day cycling trip, it is especially important to make sure you have loose fitting, dry clothing to change into after your days ride. If you're lucky enough to have a shower, It's convenient to wash out the shorts while you are showering. (Try and use hot/warm water) Make sure you have at least three pairs of shorts to alternate into while the others are drying.

Does Beljum Budder have an antibacterial ingredient?

Absolutely, In fact, Beljum Budder contains several key ingredients which prevent bacterial growth. Even so, regardless of brand, it's essential to change out of your riding gear and shower as soon as possible after riding. It's also a good idea to change into something loose fitting and airy to help dry things out a bit.

I'm a runner, where do I put the Budder?

Running has it's own set of chafing problem areas. I'm sure you can find a few more uses, but here are the main areas.

  • Between the thighs- Yikes, getting chafed here during a long run or walk is worse than the worst sunburn. Apply Beljum Budder before your run or event, reapply as needed.

  • On the lateral torso between the armpits and the hips - Problems in this area can sneak up on you. Apply Beljum Budder before your run or event, reapply as needed.

  • Between the toes - Not everyone has a problem here but those of you that do know what I mean. Apply Beljum Budder before your run or event, reapply as needed.

  • On rough or hard seams of items like sport bras, shorts, socks. etc. Apply Beljum Budder before your run or event, reapply as needed. It's a good idea to take one of our small, convenient 1/3 oz. packs along just in case.


  • What is Beljum Budder made from?

    WATER - Purified Water

    CETEARYL ALCOHOL - Blend of Natural Source fatty alcohols derived from plant sources which helps to keep oils and other ingredients from separating. *Note: Cetearyl Alcohol is a vegetable derived emollient and thickening agent and is not Not related to SD or Ethyl alcohol which are drying alcohols. It is NOT a liquor.

    DECYL OLEATE - is a liquid wax made from components derived from Olive oil, coconut oil and other palm type oils.

    EMULSIFYING WAX NF - A combination of vegetable based emulsifiers.

    BEHENTRIMONIUM METHOSULFATE - An especially mild emulsifier derived from behenic acid, a major component of rape seed oil.

    GLYCERIN - A naturally derived lubricant, emulsifier and Humectant.

    WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT - An historic natural herbal product of the Americas. Known and used for hundreds of years for it's soothing and healing properties.

    ALMOND OIL - Sweet almond oil from the edible Jordan almond nuts. Used for centuries as a skin oil and a food ingredient.

    VITAMIN E - High purity vitamin E

    BENZETHONIUM CHLORIDE - An emulsifier with antimicrobial properties.

    PHENOXYETHANOL - Also known as "rose ether", an organic chemical compound often used in dermatological products. It is also a very effective bactericide.

    CORN OIL - Food grade Corn Oil. Used only in minute amounts to blend ingredients.

    RETINYL PALMITATE - Vitamin A. Softens and moisturizes skin.

    ERGOCALCIFEROL - Vitamin D. Protects and repairs skin.

    At Beljum Budder, we are very particular about our ingredient manufacturers as well the the particular quality, grades and origins of their products.

    Beljum Budder contains NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS and is considered vegan.

    We don't do, participate in, or believe in any kind of animal testing.